I'm a german student living in eastern Germany, dirctly at the border to poland. I love Finnland and everything about it. I was there for 2 times.

The other passion in my life is music. I love gothic and metal, but rock sometimes, too. Needless to say I like finnish music very much. And then I have a really lovely rabbit.

I live together with my mum. A long time I didn't konw my dad. But now I try to get a good relationship with him.

I have a lot of hobbies: I love writing and reading. And because of this I have some penpals and mail-friends. I'm drawing, too. I think Luis Royo and Victoria Frances are great drawers. And I like archery.  And besides this I like to take photos and... I'm knitting(I know it sounds boring).

 And something about the most important persons in my life: Of course my mum, because she try to educate mebring me up - and because she almostget it. Then my boyfriend, which can be really stressy. And last but not least my best girlfriends Paula, Anna and Maria.

I think that's enough for the first time